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You Can Be A Doctor:

UCAT Summer School

Are you an aspiring medical student looking to conquer the UCAT exam with confidence? Join our annual UCAT Summer School, where we'll equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. 

About the Event

The UCAT can be a difficult exam without the correct guidance and preparation. Our UCAT Summer School aims to walk you through how to book the exam, teach you useful methods to approach different questions in the exam, and provide top tips and tricks to help you ace it on the day. 

Key Details




3 online evening sessions spread over 2 weeks




60 pupils

What to Expect

  • Initial Information Session: We kick things off with a comprehensive introduction to the UCAT exam, ensuring you're well-prepared to navigate this critical step on your journey to medical school.

  • Registration and Test Booking Guidance: Our experts will guide you through the registration process, from signing up for the exam to booking your test slot.

  • Techniques for Each Section: Dive deep into each section of the UCAT, where we'll unveil essential techniques and strategies to help you tackle this demanding exam with confidence.

  • Timed Practice Questions: Work through UCAT practice questions in a timed environment, supported by medical student volunteers who are ready to share their expertise.

  • Top Tips and Resources: Discover invaluable top tips and gain access to a treasure trove of resources to bolster your UCAT preparation.

  • Q+As with YCBAD Board Members: Engage in interactive Q+A sessions with members of the YCBAD Board, addressing your burning questions and gaining insights from seasoned professionals.

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