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You Can Be A Doctor:

Mock Interview Course

Medical school interviews are often viewed as the daunting final hurdle to becoming a medical student. Our mock interview event is designed to give you a accurate representation of what you may come across and give you useful hints and tips of how to maximise your performance.

About the Event

Our annual 'mock interviews' is hugely popular event that gives you the opportunity to put yourself in the hot-seat and have a go at a medical school interview. 

Experience stations based on real interviews at Scottish Universities, with experienced doctors and medical students who have been through it all before, you can practice your interview skills in a relaxed environment. 

Get personalised feedback on your interview technique to help you identify strengths and areas to improve, as well as top tips on how to approach interview questions and common challenges. 

Key Details


November 2023


2.5 hours


Edinburgh, Glasgow and online


60 pupils


Lectures, practical, individual feedback

What to Expect

  • Mock Interviews: Participants will have the chance to undergo mock medical school interviews, replicating the actual process to help build confidence and reduce anxiety.

  • Experienced Interviewers: Our team of experienced medical professionals and educators will conduct the interviews, providing valuable insights and feedback to help students improve their performance.

  • Supportive Environment: We understand the challenges that pupils face and offer a nurturing and supportive environment to ensure that all participants feel comfortable and encouraged.

  • Information and Resources: In addition to the mock interviews, we provide valuable resources, tips, and strategies to enhance interview skills and knowledge about the medical school application process.

Event Highlights

This hybrid event (online or face-to-face mock interviews available) adopts a multiple mini-interview format, which is used by most medical schools across Scotland and the UK. You will rotate around 5 different interview stations which cover a diverse range of commonly encountered interview scenarios. The interviewers are made up of consultants, junior doctors and medical students, mimicking the variety of interviewers you will encounter in medical school interviews.

At the end of the event, interviewers and members of You Can Be A Doctor discuss common difficulties encountered with certain types of interview stations and techniques that can be used to help. Afterwards, you will receive personalised feedback from each interview station, highlighting what went well during the interview and what you can do to improve.

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