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You Can Be A Doctor:

Meet the Medics

Get an inside look into the world of medicine, ask questions about the application process, and explore the fascinating journey of becoming and being a doctor. This online event welcomes high school pupils from all years, offering a relaxed and informative environment where no question is too silly.

About the Event

​Meet the Medics is an annual event dedicated to helping high school pupils like you on their path to pursuing a medical career. It's an opportunity to interact with doctors at various stages of their careers, providing a real understanding of what it's like to be a medical professional. Our goal is to create an open, relaxed, and informative space where no question is too small or too big to ask.

High school pupils from all years are welcome to attend and we usually host MtM once each year so join our mailing list to be the first to hear about when it's going live!

Key Details




90 minutes




100 - 150 pupils


Lectures + Q&A

What to Expect

  • Diverse Medical Insights: Connect with doctors from a wide range of specialties and career stages, offering invaluable insights into the medical profession.

  • Real-Life Doctor Stories: Get an inside look into the personal journeys of doctors, exploring their paths into medicine and their chosen specialties.

  • Inclusive for All: High school pupils from all years are welcome to attend, ensuring a broad and diverse audience.

  • Online Accessibility: Participate in this enlightening event from anywhere in Scotland, as it's conducted online for convenience.

  • Relaxed Learning Atmosphere: Feel at ease asking any question, as we maintain a relaxed and supportive environment for open dialogue.

Event Highlights

During Meet the Medics, participants are grouped into small, interactive sessions. Within these sessions, doctors from various specialties and career stages rotate through, engaging in candid discussions with attendees. This format allows for personalized insights into their medical journeys and chosen specialties. Attendees can actively participate in Q&A sessions, asking any questions about the medical field and application process in a relaxed and supportive environment. Meet the Medics is an annual event, offering a unique opportunity to explore the diverse aspects of a medical career and connect with professionals in the field.

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