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You Can Be A Doctor:

Personal Statement Reviews

Written your personal statement and want some feedback? Our personal statement review service runs between September - October every year just in time for submission.

About the Event

Our YCBAD personal statement review event is tailor-made for those applying to medical schools who wish to enhance their personal statements and increase their chances of securing a place to study medicine.


This service is exclusively for pupils who are applying to medical schools within the current application cycle and meet our eligibility criteria.

Key Details




3 online evening sessions spread over 2 weeks




60 pupils

What to Expect

How it works
  1. Sign Up: Register for our service to secure your spot. We have a limited capacity, so early sign-ups are highly recommended.

  2. Submission: After signing up, we will reach out to you and request a Word copy of your personal statement. This document is your ticket to receiving invaluable feedback.

  3. Expert Review: Your personal statement will be thoroughly reviewed by one of our team of dedicated volunteers, who are either experienced medical students or seasoned doctors. They possess in-depth knowledge of what admissions committees are looking for.

  4. Detailed Feedback: Our reviewers will provide you with specific feedback based on the same marking criteria that universities use to evaluate personal statements. You'll receive insights on how to make your statement more compelling and impressive.

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