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Writing an application

Your one-stop shop for all things application related!

You Can Be A Doctor:
Application Guide

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Welcome to the YCBAD medical school application guide!

We have compiled as many free resources as we can find to help you in your application to medical school! ​

You might find us at different points in your application, so use the menu button at the top of the page to navigate to what you need. 

What this Guide Covers:

This guide has been designed to be your one stop shop for all things application related!

It is ordered based on our suggestions on your approach to the application as well as the timings of each part of the process. 

"I'm thinking about medicine as a career"
"I want to apply - how do I prepare?"
"I'm ready to apply - how do I go about it?"
I've decided I want to do medicine, how do I ace it?" 
"I did/didn't get in, now what?"

Can you get extra help?

If you are in S4-S6, we highly recommend checking your eligibility for Reach Scotland. 

Reach Scotland work with pupils meeting certain eligibility criteria and provide:

  • Information

  • Advice

  • Support

Check the links below for each University to find out more: 

Application Timeline

The diagram below shows a timeline of when certain aspects of the application process should be focussed on.

Take particular note of the application deadline, which for medicine is earlier than for other university degrees.

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