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Widening access
to medicine in Scotland

Developing a national Scottish platform with fair access to resources for prospective medical students.




How can we support you?

Welcome to "You Can Be A Doctor," a Scottish charity dedicated to breaking down barriers and empowering individuals from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue a career in medicine. Our mission is to create equal opportunities for all aspiring doctors, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

To ensure that our resources are directed towards those who need them the most, we will be limiting access to events and resources to only those who fit our eligibility criteria. 


I want to study medicine

Discover your path to a medical career with You Can Be A Doctor. We're here to provide guidance and mentorship to help you  achieve your dream of becoming a doctor.


I want to help my child become a doctor

Support your child's dream of becoming a doctor with our resources and guidance. We'll help you understand the steps to success and provide the reassurance you need.


I want to encourage/support my pupils

Teachers, you can make a difference in shaping future doctors. See our events and resources to identify and nurture aspiring medical professionals in your classrooms.


I want to help You Can Be A Doctor

Join our community of volunteers and use your expertise to help aspiring doctors from disadvantaged backgrounds. Together, we can create a more inclusive medical field.

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Want to help at our events but never have the time?


Support You Can Be A Doctor by donating now! We need your help to ensure social diversity in medicine and your donation will help us meet the demands of 2023!

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